Learning and development opportunities at Shurgard
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A unique approach to training

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At Shurgard, training and coaching go to the very heart of who we are. No one else in our space offers the depth or breadth of training and development opportunities that we offer to our people.

Onboarding programme

Onboarding programme at Shurgard

We understand that you can't know or understand everything from the very first day you start your career with us. That's why we provide new employees with an extensive induction programme which lasts several weeks for European Support Centre staff and 16 weeks for an Assistant Store Manager.

Assistant Store Managers benefit from a programme which teaches them to become self-storage experts:

  • 16-week training programme
  • Learning by doing
  • Shadowing training at the store
  • Direct support from your District Manager

District Managers benefit from:

  • Six-month induction programme
  • In-store training
  • Regular check-in points
  • Direct support from your Senior DM and Market Manager
  • Annual training and development programmes

European Support Centre staff benefit from:

  • Store training
  • Meetings with team members to understand how the team functions and how to work together
  • Optionally meeting with members from other departments to understand the overall business

Ongoing coaching

Ongoing coaching programme at Shurgard

We offer a continuous feedback programme to help employees improve their performance. This coaching extends throughout your career with us.

We invest in a wide range of training to grow both your professional skills as well as your soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving and time management.

Our coaching programme is about empowering you to greater self-realisation so you can build on your strengths from within, with our ongoing support.

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