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A career in Operations - what’s it like?

Assistant Store Managers and Store Managers

As a member of our store staff, you are the company’s face in dealing with customers.

You will be responsible for every aspect of the running of your store – opening, closing, cleaning and maintenance.

You will also handle sales and customer service – via web, phone and in person.

While store staff work independently, you will also be part of a team, so there’s lots of scope for managers to share best practices and support each other.

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District Managers

As a District Manager, you will have the chance to demonstrate your talent to manage people and lead various storage locations.

You will be an experienced manager with a mindset of always coaching your team, a strategic leader who enjoys helping his team to achieve personal goals and exceed company targets.

Working at our Support Centre - what’s it like?

The people in our Support Centre cover a wide range of functions and skills, such as Marketing, Information Services, Legal, Accounting and Finance, Audit, Operation Support, Pricing, Real Estate and Human Resources.

These skills are all focused on helping our operational staff to deliver the best service to our customers.

Working at the Support Centre, you’ll be part of a diverse environment that is the hub of the group’s activities.

There’s a wide range of nationalities, cultures and skill sets, and a lot of lively collaboration across teams. No two days are the same!

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