"Shurgard has allowed me to grow personally and professionally"
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Andreas Gergenreder

Andreas joined Shurgard four years ago as Assistant Store Manager and with his sales background, he fit right in. Now he manages our brand-new store in Berlin and was recently awarded Store Manager of the Year.

“My career journey at Shurgard has been amazing. I started working in one of the largest stores of the country, so it was important to be well organized. As a Store Manager, you wear a lot of hats. You take on the administrative tasks and you are in direct contact with the customers. And although you work hard, you always find time to have fun. 

For me, Shurgard has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. It’s a company that is passionate about people, and in return, allows me to be passionate about what I do. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Winning the Store Manager of the Year Award is the icing on the cake. It feels great to know that efforts and dedication are recognized. This inspires me to continue doing great work!”

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"Every day is an opportunity to learn something new"

Julian Knowles

Julian initially joined Shurgard in 2016 for a temporary period of 18 months, covering a maternity leave. In 2018 he jumped back in permanently as HR Manager for the UK.

“Even though Shurgard is an international company, they manage to retain a friendly, family-like work atmosphere. No matter what your role in the organization is, you are appreciated and treated as an asset.

Shurgard’s executive team is very accessible, the culture is open and staff events bring different teams together. There is a true sense of respect and involvement at each level, and I am glad to be a part of this company and a great team!

I love the diversity of my job – from recruitment through the whole employee life cycle – and being able to help people in their career. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, to mentor, and to help our people achieve their goals.

Having the chance to work in the management team, supporting a group of talented and driven people, and seeing the results we can achieve is very rewarding.”

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“Shurgard gives you the freedom to work independently”

Fehimen Rodjan

Fehimen joined Shurgard in September 2015 as Junior Assistant Store Manager. She took all the opportunities that Shurgard offered her and is now a Senior Store Manager.

“After many years in the cosmetics sector, I felt that it was time to move to a new environment, so I applied for a job at Shurgard. After six weeks of training, I became an Assistant Store Manager. Then I was coached for two years to become the Store Manager of my own storage facility. I changed locations a few times and now I’m a Senior Store Manager.

I love the responsibility Shurgard gives me. I got to know my storage location like the back of my hand and the store really feels like my own now. Every day I make sure everything is neat and tidy and try to make as many customers happy by offering them the right storage solution. Every customer also has his or her own unique story, which motivates me even more to go out of my way to help them.

To make your store successful, it is important to take responsibility. Something in which Shurgard trusts you completely.

This combination of freedom and trust is very pleasant. I also received a lot of training and got to meet colleagues from all over the country during the Store Manager Awards. This shows that Shurgard only wants the very best for its employees.”

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"When you work for Shurgard, every day brings a new challenge!"

Sebastien Battaglia

Sebastien joined the District Manager’s team at Shurgard in September 2014. After an extensive training period, he acquired the necessary skills and self-confidence to manage his own district.

“During my entire training period, I’ve always had great support from the other District Managers. Everything I’ve achieved is the result of real teamwork.

There is a lot of room for growth at Shurgard, both for myself and the company. 

Self storage is becoming more important every day, and one of the most satisfying things about my job is that I feel I can make a difference.

I really enjoy coaching my teams, so they can improve their skills and offer the best service to our customers. Sharing my passion for sales and creating a dedicated team is a real pleasure!

One thing’s for sure: when you work for Shurgard, every day brings a new challenge!”

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